8 cleaning techniques using toothpaste

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As the name suggests, toothpaste is used on your teeth! However, it is one of the products that we know has many other functions, and many of us immediately reach for it to dry out a spot that has suddenly appeared, or to scrub our hands when we have been working with foods with lasting odours. (Our last article on the subject can be found here). But today, it is strictly a question of cleaning, with tips that will make you even more addicted to this handy little tube! 

1) Easily deodorise a flask or a bottle, by adding a little toothpaste. Add some hot water, shake it and rinse!

2) Remove a permanent marker stain by adding a little toothpaste to the relevant area and wiping it off with a damp cloth.

Try this on walls and toys, that your beloved children may have scribbled on! Opt for a normal paste style toothpaste rather than a gel.

3) If your white shoes have lost their lustre, it’s time to treat them with toothpaste and an old toothbrush

After having scrubbed them, rinse them off with a damp cloth.

4) Nobody likes a fogged up mirror in the bathroom. Apply a little toothpaste, rub it in and rinse!

5) It is the ideal product for cleaning your hair appliances

Make sure to unplug the appliance and scrub it with toothpaste and a damp cloth. Wipe it off well afterwards.

6) For tea or coffee stains on cups or mugs, it’s toothpaste you need

Simply use it as a classic washing up liquid and rinse well afterwards.

7) Shine up the sink and the taps!

Toothpaste has a magic effect on stainless steel, so why not?

8) To make your car headlights shine like new, attack them with some toothpaste and a damp cloth

Bonus tips for the home:

Before piercing a hole in the wall, put some toothpaste on the back of your picture frame and apply it to the wall. By looking at where the toothpaste leaves a mark, you will know where to drill the holes, and be sure you don’t make any mistakes.


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