8 natural ways to keep spiders away from your house

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It might be because of the rain and cold temperatures but spiders do try and find shelter in your house. And when you are in your bedroom and you come face to face with the biggest spider you’ve ever seen, chances are you won’t be able to sleep. Of course, you can kill them. But it would be way easier to prevent them from entering the house in the first place. Save lives, try these solutions.

1. Use chestnuts

If it is the right season and that you have access to chestnuts, you can cut them in half and put them between each entrance and in the corners of the house.

2. White vinegar

Spray white vinegar regularly on the framework of doors and windows. Spiders loathe this smell.

3. Lavender

It may be relaxing for us, but spiders can’t stand this smell. You can put bouquets of lavender flowers on strategic area. You can even use essential oil if you want to.

4. Alum stone peel

Diluate alum stone peel in lukewarm water. Spray this in strategic places.

5. Pieces of cedar

Place these pieces all around the house -especially in the corners, in drawers and near windows sills.

6. Chestnut leaves

Put some leaves on window sills and next to entrances. When they dry, remember to replace them by new ones.

7. Tomato leaves

It works like chestnut leaves and you also have to replace them when they are dry.

8. Mint

Put mint leaves in the corners of your house and next to the windows and the doors. Replace them by new ones whenever it is necessary.