8 tips to avoid getting stressed out at work

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In our day to day life, work isn’t always a source of pleasure. It can even become a deep source of stress, both at home and in the workplace. As burnout can happen quite quickly, make sure to follow these 8 tips to prevent your work from becoming a source of stress and anxiety.

1. Make to-do lists

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Write a list of everything that you need to do. This will give you a visual of your tasks. Once a task is finished, tick it off the list -this will have a positive effect as you will see that you are achieving things and moving forward with your work.

2. Define your priorities

Before you start working, figure out what your priorities are on your to-do list, for example by underlining the most important ones. You could even consider ranking them in order of importance, giving a number to each. This is a strategy you can even use in your real life, keeping in mind what the most important things are for you.

3. Learn to say no

Is your boss piling on the extra work, while your colleagues are always asking for your help with this or that? Say no from time to time. Obviously, don’t be rude about it, but explain your reasons and don’t feel guilty about it.

4. Don’t make yourself too available

Although in our society we are pretty much always contactable by phone, Facebook, email, etc., you need to know how to disconnect. Once you have finished the work day, don’t hesitate to switch off your computer and your phone so that you can enjoy your free time in peace. You have well earned it.

5. Stay focused

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When you have started on a task, don’t let yourself be distracted by your colleagues, your emails or your phone. In terms of work productivity, trying to multitask is not recommended. One thing at a time.