8 tips for making the perfect caramel

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The preparation of caramel is an important test for all aspiring cooks. Take into account these tips before starting  the preparation. 

Tip 1

Use white sugar preferably. Other sugars have the tendance to crystallize.

Tip 2

Pour a bit of water onto your sugar before cooking it. The quantity of water must represent 1/3 of the mass of sugar. It will melt more easily than when it is dry.

Tip 3

To make your caramel more soft, you can add several drops of lemon into your sugared water at this stage of the preparation.

Tip 4

Stay in front of your stove whilst you cook it. The first phase requires lots of patience: stay in front of your casserole without touching it in order to avoid crystallization. From 155°C, the sugar will suddenly transform into caramel.

Tip 5

Stop cooking  your caramel by checking its colour. The darker it is the more bitter. Once you have over cooked it is impossible to go back and correct the taste of your caramel.

Tip 6

In order to rapidly stop cooking your caramel, plunge your casserole into a basin of cold water prepared in advance.

Tip 7

White sugar is the least tasty of all the sugars. However you can flavour your caramel by adding bitter orange, vanilla, chocolate chips, ginger or cinnamon once it has cooled down.

Tip 8

Despite all our tips, your caramel has overcooked and has eaten away at your casserole? You would like perhaps to know a good way to easily clean the casserole. In this case, once your casserole is emptied, fill it up with water and boil it. The sugar will remove itself from the container and all you will need to do is pass a sponge over the mess.