8 tips to soften sugar that has gone hard as a rock

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Cassonade sugar as well as cane sugar are two options that make a change from classic white sugar. They are different in more than just colour, as there is also a difference in flavour, which explains why we love to have brown sugar in the kitchen for baking cakes or simply to add to a yoghurt to add the sweet flavour we adore. However, this type of sugar tends to become hard, and once it has become hard as a rock, it becomes difficult to use. A well sealed airtight container is important. But once it has already gone hard, how can you rescue your sugar, so that it doesn’t go to waste? Here are 8 methods which work wonders. 

1) Take preventative measures!

A great technique for preventing the problem is to put a slice of bread (or orange/lemon peels or marshmallows) into the jar of sugar, to stop it from going hard.

2) Put the sugar in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds. If that doesn’t work, try it for another 20 seconds, adding a glass of water.

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3) Put it in the oven at 120° on a baking tray, beside a pot of water

Leave it in the oven until the sugar softens, but check it regularly to avoid any nasty surprises.


4) Put the sugar in a blender and set it running

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5) A technique for those of you with muscles: put the sugar into a bag and use a hammer to crumble it into tiny pieces.

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6) Place a damp sheet of kitchen paper into the sugar container for a few hours


7) Put the sugar into a freezer bag with a few quarters of an apple. Leave it overnight, and the next day, the sugar should be as good as new.

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8) Slip a piece of clean baked clay into your sachet of sugar.

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