9 natural remedies for cystitis

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Cystitis is unfortunately a very common urinary infection, which many women know only too well. In order to remedy it, of course professional advice is very important, but you can also try some natural solutions to help with the healing process. Here we have 9 alternatives for you, mainly in the forms of teas or infusions, which will help you effectively fight against cystitis. 

1) A heather based concoction: a must

Add 4 dessertspoons of dried heather leaves to a litre of cold water. Bring it to the boil and simmer it on a low heat for 40 minutes. Strain in and drink it between meals.

2) Thyme: a classic!

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In order to make the most of the antiviral and antibacterial effects of thyme, infuse 25 g in a litre of water. Strain it and drink a cup every 4 hours.

3) Bicarbonate of soda and aspirin: a great painkilling duo

Put 2 aspirin tablets, 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into a glass.  Fill the glass up with water and drink it twice a day.

4) Sick of the pain? Try some leeks

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In a poultice (to alternate with green clay poultice)

Boil 2 or 3 leeks and then put them in a frying pan with some olive oil. Tenderise them before placing them on your lower abdomen, and covering them with a towel. Hold them to the area, keeping it warm, for a quarter of an hour.

As a broth

Boil a bowl of water. Take it off the heat and add the roots of a large leek, allowing 15 minutes for the mixture to infuse. Drink several bowls throughout the day.