A natural syrup for fighting phlegm

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When we get sick, we are often subjected to a chesty cough in which we are coughing up phlegm. Whether it’s due to having caught cold, or another respiratory illness, the body starts to secrete mucus made up of, among other things, antibodies and glycoproteins, which aim to lubricate the respiratory passages in order to protect them. Even if nature is well designed, the body sometimes produces too much, which becomes thick and irritating, and we cough to try and eject it. With the syrup we are proposing today, you can reduce the production of phlegm, without having a negative impact on your health or interfere with healing. This syrup can also boost your immune system, and thus help combat the illness. 

Note that this pleasantly sweet tasting syrup is not recommended for people who need to monitor their blood sugar levels or for people who are taking diuretics.

What you need:

  • 400 g carrots (ideally organic)
  • 125 g honey (choose your honey carefully – those that you find in the supermarkets are often no more than sugary syrups!)
  • An airtight container (a bottle or a jar)


1) Prepare your carrots (wash and peel them before chopping them into pieces) and put them into boiling water, boiling them until they are tender.

2) When the carrots are tender, mash them with a fork. Add the honey and blend it all together.

3) Transfer the mixture into your container and leave it to sit for one day before consuming it.

4) Take 4 to 5 tablespoons per day to reduce the amount of phlegm, or take one tablespoon a day as a preventative measure. If you have made it too sweet, you can dilute the mixture with tepid water.


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