Activated charcoal: 10 tips using this highly beneficial material

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Have you ever used activated charcoal in a therapeutic way? Because yes, activated charcoal (and not the charcoal you use in your barbecue) has been used since 1500 BC to treat various ailments. It contains numerous healing properties, and we have ten of them to share with you today…

1/ Activated charcoal purifies the skin

You can get soaps made from activiated charcoal, which fight against excess oil, remove traces of dirt and make up and even combat spots and acne. Activated charcoal reduces the size of the pores and cleanses the whole body of chemicals.

2/ It cleanses the digestive tract

The toxins present in the digestive tract can lead to symptoms of oxidative stress and allergies, and weakening of the immune system. These symptoms can be eliminated by activated charcoal. Purifying the the digestive tract in this way can relieve joint pain, boost energy levels and reduce fatigue.

3/ It combats ageing

The chemicals which damage the cells and the oxidative stress which contributes to the ageing process of the organism are reduced by the consumption of activated charcoal. It can also improve the condition of the kidneys, the liver and the adrenal glands.

4/ Activated charcoal for intoxication

The use of activated charcoal for treating various forms of intoxication is known the world over. It can effectively work against poisoning linked to opium, drugs, pesticides, bleach, fertiliser and more. If you have been intoxicated, you need to be careful about the dose you take of activated charcoal, as it should only be taken in very small amounts.

5/ It combats fungal spores

It is possible to reduce fungal spores in the body, using activated charcoal. These can lead to heart diseases, headaches, weakening of the immune system, respiratory illnesses and kidney problems. Consuming activated charcoal can help effectively fight against toxic spores which take hold in the body.

6/ Activated charcoal can reduce gas and bloating

As well as treating food poisoning, activated charcoal can fight against gas and feeling bloated, particularly after having eaten certain foods, such as beans. The charcoal works on the chemical substances that cause gas.

7/ It reduces cholesterol

Following medical studies, it has been shown that activated charcoal can reduce LDL or bad cholesterol, while increasing good cholesterol, HDL cholesterol.

8/ It whitens the teeth

We have already told you about this in another article, but activated charcoal can effectively whiten the teeth. You can add it to your toothpaste when you are brushing your teeth – there are many testimonies online as to its efficacy!

9/ It soothes skin irritation

Activated charcoal reduces redness, swelling and reactions to toxins. It is effective for insect stings, but also for snake bites and even spider bites!

10/ It purifies tap water

Activated charcoal is also used as a filter to purify tap water! It can eliminate pesticides, fluorides, solvents and industrial waste.

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