Aggressive deodorant ? Here is a way in which one can avoid having irritations

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Deodorants which are sold in large supermarkets can irritate sensitive skins. These irritations, redness and other unpleasant itching are caused by aliminium salts which allows one to avoid having bad transpiration  odours but they act in an agressive way and block natural mechanisms which are put in place in the body to regulate the temperature. 

In order to avoid this type of nuisance it is best to completely ban the use of this type of product in one’s daily life. Rather turn to formulas which don’t contain aliminium salts.

However if you have made the most of a promotion in order to stock up on your deodorants don’t worry: you will not have to throw your deodorants in the rubbish bin if you use Chamomile floral water. Apply it onto your armpits before putting on your deodorant. Chamomile floral water is partiuclarly adapted to sensitive skins and will act as a shield against the aliminium salts and will recify your irritations.