An astonishing tip for easily getting rid of a dust particle in you eye

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There is nothing more annoying than trying to get rid of a dust particle in your eye: all it takes is a little grain of sand to make one feel very feeble! 

What to do ?

1. Above all, don’t scratch the eye even if it seems to be a spontaneous reflex. You will only conceal the dust particle even more in your eye and you risk to provoke a persistant irritation.

2. The classical solution is to use a saline solution: pour several drops into your eye and blink several times until the particle is flushed out and you can remove it with a cotton disk.

3. If you don’t have a saline solution with you, perhaps you have bread and milk. Try this astonishing tip: dip a piece of bread into milk and apply it onto your eye for several minutes. The particle will disappear!