The best methods to remove permanent marker stains

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Indelible markers are really useful. But if you get a stain inadvertently, you might start to believe that you will keep this awful trace for hours (if it is not forever when it is on your clothes). However, by using the appropriate technique, you could remove any trace without rubbing for hours. Indeed, here it’s all about choosing the right weapon!

On clothes

Use an antibacterial hand cleanser on the stain.

On the wall

Try to use toothpaste or hairspray to get rid of the traces.

On wood

Grab a bottle of isopropyl alcohol to remove the stain.

On your carpet

Try white vinegar.

On furniture

Surprisingly, milk would do wonders.

On a white board

Try and find a pencil eraser.



On glass or ceramic

Mix one measure of toothpaste with one measure of bicarbonate.