Boost your mood and awaken your brain with this avocado chocolate smoothie

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Today we have a recipe to share with you for a magic smoothie that will help you increase your productivity all throughout the day. As well as stimulating your brain, this smoothie will help keep your energy levels up, and keep you feeling full until lunchtime. Coffee on its own is not enough to maintain you throughout the day, and fatigue tends to appear an hour to an hour and a half after drinking a cup of coffee. However, the combination of these two foods – avocado and cocoa – can keep you feeling energised and motivated all day long! 

Contrary to popular belief, avocado does not make you gain weight, as long as it isn’t consumed to excess. Furthermore, it is becoming the main food in many vegan dishes, and it quickly provides a sensation of satiety. Your brain will thank you for it and your mood will improve, and you’ll find you no longer wake up with a headache.



  • A glass of almond milk
  • A half an avocado
  • One and a half tablespoons of sugar-free cocoa powder
  • 10 blueberries
  • One tablespoon of organic coconut oil (or honey)


1) Half an avocado and then chop it into small pieces.

2) Add it with the rest of the ingredients into a blender or a smoothie maker.

3) Blend it until you have a smooth texture.

4) Pour into a glass and enjoy!


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