Bulldog clips: 6 simple and clever ways to use them

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Extremely useful in the office, bulldog clips also have a few tricks up their sleeves that can help you out in everyday life, and they can be used in clever ways that make them even more useful. Whether it’s to organise an area, or simply make life easier, the possibilities are endless. Today we have 6 examples for you that you are sure to use on an everyday basis!

1) Clip a smaller bulldog clip to a larger one to make a phone holder.

bulldog clips

bulldog clips

2) Clip the charger jack of your phone with one of your small bulldog clips, remove the metal part of the clip, and do the same with a large bulldog clip. You now have a charging phone stand.

bulldog clips bulldog clips bulldog clips

3) Peg a bulldog clip to the side of a container and thread some wool through the metal part. You now have handy wool dispenser!

bulldog clips bulldog clips

4) Use bulldog clips to tidy up your cables. This is the ideal way to store cables in your handbag, or to arrange them in a drawer.

bulldog clips

5) If you have lost the plastic that protects your razor blades, a bulldog clip is the perfect replacement!

You can thus stop the blades from becoming worn too quickly, and you run less risk of cutting yourself.

bulldog clips

6) Stop your earphones from tangling in your handbag or your pocket by arming yourself with a bulldog clip!

Clip one end of the earphones and wrap the wire around the clip. Finish by sliding the jack into the metal parts of the clip.

bulldog clips

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