Cabbage: a highly recommended remedy against aches and pains

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Cabbage is often used as a dressing which has interesting healing properties. It can fight against joint pains (arthritis or rheumatism) headaches, stomache aches, hives, shingles or eczema. All you need to do is choose an organic green or red cabbage and follow the preparation steps featured below :

  • Remove several fresh leaves from the cabbage. Remove the large external leaves with a knife.
  • Flatten the leaves with a rolling pin in order to extract the most juice possible. You will know when the leaves have been flattened enough when they start changing colour.
  • Prepare your dressing by retrieving a new leaf from the cabbage the size of the zone that you would like to treat.
  • Place the dressing on the affected area of the body in a way in which the pieces of flattened cabbage will be directly in contact with the skin. The juice may flow so stay seated or lie down if necessary. You can make sure that the dressing stays in place by securing the dressing with a bandage.

The dressing must be placed on the affected area between two or five hours depending on the degree of pain and the time that you have. You can also alternatively keep the dressing on all night if it is possible.

Throw the dressing away after using it and wait for 24hours before placing a new one. You can use it repeatedly until you have been healed.