Canine delicacy : become your dogs chef!

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Treat your dog by making him little snacks. You can also avoid ready made products by choosing the basic preparation ingredients.

1. Buy the meat of your choice: chicken, pork or beef, simply make sure that they are not fatty.

2. Cut strips of each meat. The smaller the pieces of  meat the quicker it will dry.

3. Place your sticks on a plate covered with grease proof paper. The oven should be 50°C  for up to 10h. You must increase the temperature to  60°C after cooking.

4. Check it regularly whilst cooking. Open the door of the oven for several seconds in order for the humidity to evacuate. Stir the sticks in order to cook both sides of the meat.

5. If the meat eliminates fat whilst it is cooking place paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

6. Leave it to cool down before serving it.

Your dog will love you…