Carpet freshener: Make your room smell fresh with lavender and lemon

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It is always nice to walk into a fresh smelling room rather than step into a space with a bad odour.  However carpeted rooms are not always easy to keep smelling fresh as the material retains dust and bad smells. A natural carpet freshener is a great way to keep bad odours in check! Not only is it easy to make but also couldn’t be simpler to use.  The results are fantastic and will leave your carpets smelling fresher than ever.

What you need :

  • One or two large, airtight glass jars
  • 500g bicarbonate of soda
  • 30g of soda crystals (Wear gloves because it can irritate the skin.  It is also good if you have a mask.  If you don’t, avoid inhaling or touching the soda crystals)
  • 30g of corn starch
  • 3ml of lavender essential oil
  • 3ml of lemon essential oil

(These may seem like small proportions of essential oils but they are very concentrated and if you put in too much it can leave oil marks on the carpet.)

The Steps :

1) Sieve the bicarbonate of soda into your large rimed bowl to get rid of any lumps.  Add the soda crystals.

2) Add the corn starch and mix the powders together.

3) Then add the essential oils by using a whisk or with hands protected with gloves and mix together well.  Make sure your carefully carry out this step making sure there are not lumps that could leave oil marks on your carpet.

4) Transfer your mixture into one of the large glass jars.  Add a sticker and put it in a cupboard that is out of reach of children.  (You may feel it is necessary to explain to your children that this mixture is not to be eaten and can be dangerous.)

How to use the carpet freshener?

Sprinkle a handful of this mixture onto your carpet and leave for around 5 to 10 minutes to take action.  Vacuum the mixture once your have left it longer enough.

In terms of safety it is best if children and pets stay out of the room while you are applying the mixture.  (If the powder is touched or ingested it could cause a reaction.)


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