A cheap and easy technique for cooking pasta quickly

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Pasta is a favourite dish in most households, and we are always keen to try new things with it, adding different sauces and flavours. However, when we consider the endless litres of water wasted during cooking, we can start to wonder if there isn’t a better way. (This is in fact why we previously shared an article with you on how to re-use cooking water, so as to avoid waste.)

However, there are ways of consuming less water and of wasting less after your pasta is cooked. Here is a simple technique shared by cookery author Harold McGee for cooking pasta more quickly and intelligently, in order to save energy. We love it!

What you need:

  • Your pasta
  • Cold water
  • A fairly large frying pan


1) Put the pasta into the pan.

2) Add cold water and start to heat it up. Given that the pasta is cold, it won’t stick together at the start of cooking.

3) Allow it the time it needs to cook and keep the thick liquid obtained for making your sauces.

The technique on video:

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