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Make a chocolate smelling shower gel that the whole family will love

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If you are a fan of chocolate you might see it like an extension that never leaves your hands (or your mouth for that matter.)  This chocolate smelling shower gel will please chocoholics, big and small alike. For some even the smell of chocolate is enough to set your sweet tooth on edge.  To make this chocolate smelling shower gel all you need are a few  ingredients.  Guaranteed satisfaction but the wafts of chocolate won’t make you put on the pounds.  However we can’t guarantee that you won’t fancy a few squares of chocolate after coming out of the shower… 

What you need :

  • 230 ml of cleansing base
  • 15 ml vegetable foaming base (so that it can be more soapy)
  • 5 ml aromas of cacao extract (it you want a fresher smell you can replace cacao with a extract of a non-irritant essential oil)
  • (Optional : 25 drops of spartium junceum flower extract)
  • Clean and empty shower gel container

Good to note: it is advisable to buy ingredients online for a better price and to find the ingredients more easily.

The steps :

1) Start by pouring the cleansing base into a bowl.

2) Next add the vegetable foaming base and mix the two ingredients carefully.

3) Finish by adding the aromatic extract which will give your shower gel it’s mouthwatering smell.  Mix in well!

4) Five minutes after having started preparations your shower gel will be ready to use!

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