Give a smelly sponge a new lease of life with this simple technique

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You might think that a cleaning cloth would smell good but it is rarely the case.  The worst culprit is the kitchen sponge which can quickly start to smell bad even though we use fresh smelling washing up liquid to clean away our delicious meals. A smelly sponge is caused by bacteria and poorly rinsed residue. So how can you have a sponge that smells good as well as disinfected? Read on to find out how lemon can get rid of bad smelling sponges! 

Good to know: You can put you sponge into the dishwasher to clean it and put it into the microwave to kill bacteria.  You can also use sodium percarbonate to give it a new lease of live or even salt!

What you need:

  • A lemon
  • Hot water
  • A bowl
  • Smelly sponge (or several)

The steps :

1) Pour your hot water into the bowl.

2) Squeeze your lemon juice and add it to the warm water.

3) Soak the sponge in this mixture over night.

4) The next day rinse in clean water.

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