How to defrost one’s freezer quickly

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A freezer which is not well maintained uses a lot of surplus energy and can create leakages  which are best avoided in the kitchen. In order to counteract  such annoyances, one must simply defrost ones freezer at least twice a year. This is a chore which most of us  prefer to put off for another day!

Here is a tip to help combat against the accumulation of ice. This is what you need:

  • A wooden spatula
  • Two small pots
  • A plastic bucket

How does it work ?

1. Boil water in the first pot

2. Whilst waiting unplug your freezer and empty it entirely. Store your foodstuff in a cool place whilst you defrost the freezer.

3. One the water is boiling, place the casserole in the inside of the freezer. The steam will accelerate the melting of the ice.

4. Boil a second pot of hot water and alternate regularly  alternez ainsi régulièrement pour amener de la vapeur d’eau chaude en continu à l’intérieur de votre congélateur. The ice La glace avec laquelle il fallait habituellement se battre avec acharnement ne tardera pas à se détacher des parois d’elle-même. Si ce n’est pas le cas, grattez-la avec la spatule en bois et récupérez la glace dans un seau pour l’évacuer plus facilement.

Next time dont put off the chore for the following year…. The more often you do the task the less time it will take. Good luck.