Detangling conditioner you can make at home – it’s astonishingly effective!

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Do your children run for the hills the minute you mention brushing their hair? Or have you ever ended up wincing as you try to drag the brush through your tangles? It could be time to make an effective detangling conditioner, whose natural ingredients are good for your hair. We have previously shared a recipe with you for a citrus scented detangling spray, which is particularly great in Summer. But the variant we are proposing in this article is also well worth a try, with its gentle lavender fragrance which has the added bonus of getting rid of head lice. Try it ASAP for silky smooth hair with no more tangles!

What you need:

  • 150 mls of water
  • 2 mls of glycerine (which has a strengthening and detangling effect on the hair)
  • 3 mls of castor oil (which helps the oil dissolve in the water and is very good for your hair)
  • 8 mls of jojoba oil (this oil gets rid of tangles, regulates oil production in greasy hair and treats dry hair)
  • 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract (to preserve the mixture)
  • 5 drops of vitamin E (also to preserve the mixture)
  • 10 drops of lavendin super essential oil (for preservation, fragrance and prevention of head lice)
  • A clean spray flask


1) Collect all of the ingredients.

2) Pour all of the ingredients into the spray flask and shake well. And it’s ready to go!

3) Apply the mixture after shampooing your hair, while your hair is clean and still wet.

4) Brush it through – there is no need to rinse.

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