Dogs: natural shampoo to make your dog smell fresh

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We love our dogs with all our heart.  Love giving them tickles, love it when they splash about however we are well aware that they can start to smell!  When the smell becomes too unbearable it is time to give your furry friend a doggy bath.  However shop-bought shampoo are not always the best option. They are full of chemicals and their expiry date is often very short for something that is used only once in a while.  So what is the solution? Make your dog smell fresh with your own home-made shampoo!  You can make enough for one use only so you won’t waste a thing! 

Good to know:  Some strong smells can be a skin related issue.  Remember to consult a vet if you suspect another reason your dogs smell.

What you need :

(For one use only)

  • 40 ml of liquid black soap (A cleansing agent which is antibacterial, green for the planet and good value for money!)
  • 10 ml Neem oil (Anti bacterial, anti-lice, anti-tick, anti-fugal, an insecticide as well as being great for sensitive and infected skin)
  • 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda (Effective against bad smells)
  • Optional : 10 drops of lavender essential oil (soothes and heals cuts)

Some of these ingredients can be found in organic shops or on specialist sites.

The steps :

1) Add all the ingredients into a bowl making sure that it is mixed well together.

2) Wet your dog (This is when it starts to get more complicated 😉 ).

3) Massage your dogs coat with the mixture using a little at a time.  Don’t put lots around the head.  This will prevent your dog from getting foam in it’s eyes or from smelling the lavender too much.

4)  Continue until your dog is clean and then rinse.

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