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Dried out mascara: bring it back to life with these 3 tips

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Maybe you didn’t close the lid of your mascara properly, or maybe you simply forgot about it at the bottom of a drawer… You may want to keep using your lash lengthening friend, but unfortunately, it has completely dried out. Not to worry! We have 3 tips to help you bring a dried out mascara back to life! But in general, remember that mascara should be replaced every 6 months for hygiene reasons. 

1) Revive a dried out mascara using your choice of oils

You can add one or two drops of olive oil to your mascara, and use the mascara brush to mix it around and make the mascara more runny. Leave it to work overnight in order for the oil to fully penetrate the mascara, and your mascara will be fluid and easy to use the next day. You can also add sweet almond oil for an eyelash treatment, as this oil nourishes the lashes. Alternatively, go for castor oil, to speed up eyelash growth!

olive oil
Credits: Pixabay /congerdesign

2) Saline solution

Oil isn’t always a good idea if you have sensitive eyes, or if you wear contact lenses. You can replace oil with a saline solution, to revive your mascara’s creamy texture. Add a drop of saline solution, and use the mascara brush to scrape it around the inside walls of the tube, in order to mix it well in. Decide on how much saline solution to add depending on the desired texture. Make sure not to make it too runny, as otherwise it won’t stick to your lashes.

3) Hot water

If your mascara has become thick and lumpy, you can put the tube into a bowl of hot (but not boiling) water. Make sure the tube is tightly closed and immerse it in the bowl of water for a few minutes. This should give your dried out mascara back its creamy texture.

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