How to easily reduce one’s cholesterol levels?

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Many false ideas exist surrounding cholesterol; notably the idea in which cholesterol is absolutely harmful for one’s health. In reality it is best to verify the ratio of good/bad cholesterol because the problem is above all that of proportionality. Consult a doctor if you think your cholestrol levels are too high. 

If it is the case, you can make certain changes to your lifestyle in order to lower your levels :

  • Avoid low fat products and rather consume good fats which one finds in oily fish, eggs and organic butter, avocados, nuts, olive oil…
  • Avoid indstrial products in your diet : they contain too many hidden fats and fast acting sugar.
  • Increase your level of Vitamin D by exposing yourself for at least 20 minutes per day in the sun for example. Vitamin D permits to reduce the calcification of arteries.
  • Increase your intake in minerals, for example by drinking juice from fresh vegetables every morning.
  • Stop smoking and drinking strong alcohol.
  • Watch your oral hygiene : dental problems are often factors of risk for cardiac problems.
  • And of course, practise a regular and moderate physical activity.

You do not need to take medication before having tried to maintain a better life hygiene unless you suffer from familial hypercholesterolemia.