How to economize on fuel: 4 tips which you should follow

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If you worry about the environment or simply want to save money there are many reasons as to why one should economize on fuel. Follow these few recommendations which will help you to  save money and one will see the difference in time and as they become a habit: 

  • Eliminate all objects which are unnecessarily stored in your car or in your boot. They may seem insignificant but once one accumulates too many objects they encumber your vehicle and make one use too much fuel.
  • Remove your bicycle rack or your luggage rack when you don’t need them anymore. They increase the amount of  air resistance in the vehicle and can bring about an accumulated consumption of energy.
  • Adopt an economical way to drive:  wait until you reach 2000-2300 laps per minute (1500 to 2000 for Diesel cars) before changing speed. Use the principle of inertia in order to advance: make use of the momentum acquired whilst one accelerates or during a descent in order to release the accelerator and allow your car to slide.

Stay calm and relaxed whilst driving… a basic principle which ensures that your vehicle lasts longer and to avoid spending too much on fuel due to impulsivity.