Your new secret weapon against blackheads… a toothbrush !

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Creams, soap, pollution in the cities and so on plug your pore and end up creating blackhead. Fighting blackheads can be really frustrating when you notice that no “miracle remedy” seems to work on your skin, you sometimes try to extract them but it causes rednesses and pimples. In the worst-case scenario, they even become more numerous and overtime, they are harder to fight. However, there is a secret weapon which can really make a difference and if you actually try it, you will probably hardly believe your eyes.

What you’ll need :


  • A mega soft toothbrush.
  • Lemon juice

Step by step

1) Get a super soft toothbrush that you’ll only use for this purpose.

2) Moisten your brush a little with lemon juice.

3) Use your toothbrush to massage gently in a circular motion the areas where you need it (ie, all the areas where you noticed blackheads).

4) You can repeat this whole process a second time if you rinse off your toothbrush with clear water in between.

5) Use lemon juice to disinfect your skin. Now, your skin is fresh and clean.