End waste: 6 clever alternative ways to use up unwanted cosmetics

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4) Use up a facial scrub that is too abrasive by using it on your body

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5) For an old mascara, or one you don’t like

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If you don’t like the results on your lashes:

  • Add a little castor oil* or put the tube into hot water for a few moments, to make the mascara more fluid. This could improve the final effect, if the mascara is too dry.
  • Otherwise, use it to boost your eyeliner.

*The castor oil tip also works to revive an old pot of nail varnish.

If the mascara is finished or dried out, don’t throw it out. Clean the tube and re-use it. 

  • The brush can be used as an eyebrow brush.
  • Spray some hairspray on the brush and smooth any stray hairs.
  • Put some castor oil in the tube and use it to help your lashes grow long and strong.

6) Use up a foundation that is too dark

Credits: Elen_gil / Pixabay
  • Add moisturiser to make it lighter and make an excellent tinted moisturiser.
  • Use it as a contouring cream and powder over it if necessary. The results will be natural and the product won’t go to waste.


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