Facial scrub made from two natural and delicious ingredients

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Certainly, we do beauty treatments to pamper and take care of our skin. But these little habits are more enjoyable when the products are pleasant to use. It could be a heavenly fragrance or a delicious flavour (if you make your products with all the good things you have in your kitchen). These elements are not necessarily imperative for a product’s effectiveness, but they are part of the pleasure of looking after yourself, and make it easier to stick to your skin care routine, rather than making it simply another chore to add to the list. The treatment we have for you today has both a delicious odour and a pleasant taste – we are guessing that what is left on your fingers won’t go down the sink, but will end up in your mouth! 

Today’s product is made from two ingredients: honey, whose benefits for the skin have been well proven, and ground almonds, which add the exfoliating quality we are looking for in a scrub, all the while maintaining a certain gentleness, and what’s more, it’s hydrating! The skin will be brighter after having removed the dead skin cells. It’s extremely simple to make, which is what makes it great!

What you need:

  • Two spoons of a good quality honey
  • Two spoons of ground almonds (you can replace this with sugar, but this is less gentle and doesn’t have any particular benefits for the skin)


1) Mix the two ingredients in a clean container. And it’s ready to use!

2) Massage the mixture into your skin in small circular movements, using the soft pads on the tips of your fingers.

3) Make the most of your scrub by working your way down to the neck and cleavage.

4) Leave it to work for a few short minutes and rinse!



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