How to fall asleep in less than 30 seconds

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Raise your hand if you are insomniac! Falling asleep can be a real obstacle course each day. Some bad habits can really have a negative impact on your sleep and if you feel like it takes hours to finally fall asleep, then you might want to train your brain and try some of these pieces of advice before getting desperate.

1) No caffeine whatsoever


Try to avoid caffeine for at least two weeks. This might really help you. Moreover caffeine is thought to give you a boost but it never last long because actually, coffee absorbs the fluids which contain iron in you body. Iron is really important for your vitality. So coffee is bad for your sleep and bad for your vitality.

2) Naps


You could take 20 minutes naps if you are really too tired but not more otherwise it could have a detrimental impact. After 20 minutes, you enter in a new sleep cycle so really try to wake up after these 20 minutes. If you are realy exhausted and you want more sleep, wait during one hour before taking another 20 minutes nap.

3) Exercise


It’s good for your health and it helps your body to get used to change.

4) Get up at the same time every morning


When the alarm is sounding, try to wake up immediately even if you had a short night. Indeed you should really try to get a nice sleeping pattern by getting up at the same time each morning and by going to sleep at the same hour. Over time, your brain will get used to it and it will be way easier to fall asleep.

Also try not to stay glued to your computer or any other screen before going to bed.

5) Avoid stimulants


Ban chocolate or any type of stimulating food especially because they put your brain on standby at night. If you stop eating this type of food, your brain will learn by itself that if it needs too much time to fall asleep, it means that it won’t have enough sleeping time. So its only remaining solution will be to adopt a quicker transition to sleep in order to get its well-deserved rest.