Fantastic peel-off face mask for all skin types

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We know how great face masks are for our skin, but peel-off masks – which come off in a single layer – are even better! And frankly, pulling them off in one clean movement is strangely satisfying! Today’s recipe is truly fantastic, as it works just as well for mature skin as for acne-prone skin. It removes dead skin cells and large blackheads, all the while nourishing the skin. The results: fresher, brighter skin. 

What you need:

  • 15 g of gelatine (or if you are really stuck, agar agar, but the mask will not work as well with this ingredient)
  • 30 mls of boiled milk
  • The juice of one lemon (or a half if you have sensitive skin)
  • A teaspoon of manuka honey (the best kind for the skin)
  • A teaspoon of vitamin E oil or tea tree oil
  • Optional: 5 to 10 drops of essential oils (e.g., lavender, which will soothe the skin and add a pleasant fragrance)
  • A makeup brush for application


1) Mix the gelatine and the hot milk. With nothing but these two ingredients, you already have a nice peel-off mask, but if you want to really perfect it, follow the remaining steps.

Credits: Screenshot/Youtube

2) Add the honey and stir until it is well mixed.

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3) Continue with the lemon juice and the essential oils. Make sure the consistency is even.

Credits: Screenshot/Youtube
Credits: Screenshot/Youtube
Credits: Screenshot/Youtube

4) Apply the mask with a makeup brush.

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5) Create a fine, even layer, focusing especially on the nose. Avoid the eye contours and the eyebrows. Lave it to dry out well.

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6) When it is dry (it should feel dry to the touch and the skin should feel tight, to the extent that it becomes difficult to speak), you can start to remove it, going gently around the eyes. You can then wipe your face with a damp face cloth to remove any residue around the contours of the face.

Credits: Screenshot/Youtube
Credits: Screenshot/Youtube

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