Fight acne for once and for all with these 6 techniques

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Acne: the scourge of puberty! Spots affect over 80% of adolescents every year, and can make many people feel very self-conscious. It is possible to limit the effects of acne on the body and the skin with a few natural solutions. Here are 6 methods for fighting the effects of acne. 

1) Avoid squeezing your spots


You should avoid squeezing spots at all costs, because if a spot bursts, it can spread around the wound, and take longer to disappear. If the urge is simply too strong, it is recommended that you burst it with a sterile object and apply a layer of water to the wound afterwards.

2) Use the right products


According to Gérald Kierzek, doctor and radio journalist, it is better to use water-based products that are suitable for acne-prone skin, rather than hiding your spots behind makeup or foundation. Foundation blocks the pores and allows germs to build up, meaning it isn’t a good solution.

3) Avoid sun exposure


Prolonged sun exposure can get rid of spots very quickly. However, going back to the shade or changing your sun exposure can lead to a sudden breakout, that in the end leaves you with more spots than you had in the first place.

4) Don’t stress, stay cool


Stress has an enormous impact on the body and on the skin. The effects of stress can make acne worse. You therefore need to adopt a calm attitude, do relaxation sessions and avoid anxiety, to naturally calm down your acne.

5) Hydrate your skin


Skin hydration is an important prevention measure, as acne can be linked to skin dryness. It is therefore important to drink plenty of water, regardless of what you are doing. Regular hydration will prevent the skin from drying out and regulate skin breakouts.

6) Do clay masks

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Clay is a natural and effective solution for fighting against outbreaks of acne. With its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, clay eliminates the toxins present in the body, but also the sebum, which is partially responsible for acne.

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