How to fight against this secret ailment which is actually so common : hemorrhoids

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Suffering from hemorrhoids is not so pleasant and quite a forbidden topic amongst many as one does not want to disclose such a private matter. One may feel alone in one’s suffering because people do not speak about such things but dont be disheartened it is a relatively common ailment and numerous people suffer or will potentially suffer from them during their life span. 

If the pain is resistant to classical treatment methods, certain bad habits must be abolished from your daily life in order to find a daily comfort again such as:

Avoid eating food which is too spicy or too sweet.
Do sport regularly for a minimum of 20 minutes per day in order to increase blood circulation.
Eat enough fibre, which one finds in fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

This last solution is the most important. If your diet does not provide enough fibre, use a mucilage that one can find on sale in pharmacies or organic or health stores. They are made from herbal  substances which expand when in contact with water. They help one to have a regular transit and fight against constipation. You can also buy analgelsic creams which can be applied just before going to the toilet.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding constipation will diminish such unnecessary suffering.