Finally a recipe for home made cleansing micellar water

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Micellar water has become somewhat of a recent sensation, and more and more people are incorporating it into their skincare routine. It is in fact a product that is simple to use and which serves multiple functions all in one: cleansing, makeup removal, toning and refreshing. It effectively cleanses the skin of impurities and it is particularly good in the mornings when the skin needs to be cleansed of the dirt that built up overnight. However, there is nothing to stop you using it after work or after exercise to refresh your skin. 

The only inconvenience is that it can dry the skin out. This is why by making your own, you can be sure of what it contains, and know that it won’t be aggressive for your skin. In the recipe we are proposing today, you will find the following ingredients:

  • Sulphated castor oil: This is what gives the mixture a holding texture and makes it water-soluble, which helps it remove even long-lasting makeup. With this product, it would be hard to get your micellar water to be effective!
  • Rose water: This ingredient gently soothes and repairs the skin, fighting against skin ageing.
  • Vitamin E: This nourishes and repairs the skin while also fighting against skin ageing.
  • Musk rose essential oil: This repairs, treats, hydrates and tones the skin.

What you need:

  • 90 ml rose water
  • 3 ml sulphated castor oil
  • 20 drops of vitamin E
  • 5 ml musk rose essential oil
  • A clean and empty 50 ml flask


1) The method is extremely simple! You simply need to pour all the ingredients into the flask and mix them together.

2) Before each use, shake the flask with care.

3) Pour a few drops onto some cotton wool and use it to cleanse your face and neck.