4 foods that are making you look tired

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You are well aware that not getting enough sleep impacts upon your health, and obviously on your appearance. But you should also be aware that diet is an important factor which impacts naturally on the body, and can also make you appear tired. Here are 4 foods that are making you look tired without you realising it…

1/ Coffee

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It may seem strange to think that coffee is something that can tire us out, when it is known for being something that gives us energy, thanks to the caffeine it contains. However, caffeine significantly affects the body, and deprives us of a few hours sleep if we haven’t engaged in physical activity in order to burn off the boost of short term energy it provides. The symptoms of this lack of rest are dark circles under the eyes, fatigue and even stress due to a lack of rest and a resultant lack of vigilance. Caffeine can also exacerbate such fatigue, as it dehydrates the body.

2/ Alcohol

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Just like caffeine, alcohol dehydrates the organism. It is however easy to forget about the consequences of dehydration when you are in the middle of having a few social beverages. When you consider that you might drink two or three cups of coffee throughout the day, but you could easily drink 5 beers in one sitting, the need for rehydration becomes clear. Because we don’t always necessarily drink water in between alcoholic beverages, we exacerbate the dehydration, which makes us even more tired again. You need two glasses of water between each drink to rehydrate the body.

3/ Fried foods

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From cinema popcorn to French fries, fried foods are one of the most widely consumed food groups in the world. But in eating them, fried foods slow down the body’s functioning due to fats and oil residues. The organism therefore needs to work harder in order to eliminate all of these substances. In more serious cases, fried foods can lead to obstruction of the arteries and obesity. Fried foods can also affect your skin, damaging the collagen, drying out the skin and leading to the appearance of spots and blackheads.

4/ Spicy foods

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Spicy foods affect the blood system, and can cause the same symptoms as caffeine does. Hot spices dilate the veins, making them more visible to the naked eye. The veins mark the skin, and the skin can become thicker, appearing puffy and tired.

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