Don’t have a big garden? Here are 4 fruit you can grow on a balcony

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Some of us are very jealous when we see a big, open gardens, full of beautiful flowers and fruit.  However if you have a terrace or a balcony, you are also very lucky.  Not everyone has this kind of outside space and even if it is small you can still grow some plants, herbs and even fruit trees for those who have lots of light.  Here are 4 fruit trees that are perfect for balconies and terraces.  

1) Summer berries

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If you choose climbing varieties that are accustomed to being in a pot, you don’t need rocket-science to grow strawberries or raspberries!

  • For strawberries, you won’t be able to grow the enough to feed the whole building but you will be able to feed your family.  A 10 litre pot will be perfect to grow a good stock of strawberries.
  • Raspberries are sturdy plants.  They can be subjected to various environments and can grow in a pot.  However  you will need to water the plants frequently (at least once per week) but even more during dry conditions.  You can plant raspberries during the autumn in a pot with a depth of 30 cm and measuring 25 cm in diameter.

2) Next on the list is citrus fruits

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Lemon trees and orange trees are becoming increasingly popular as house plants.  On balconies, it is important to protect the plants from the wind and place the plants in a sunny spot as well as in a good sized terracotta pot.  These plants need to be watered regularly so that they never dry out.  However it is best to avoid stagnant water in the pot.

During the colder seasons, it is important to watch out for frost which is harmful to these citrus fruit trees.  It is also best to keep the plants at an ideal temperature of between 8 and 12°C.

3) Can’t forget about mini fruit trees!

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Plums, apples and pears are close at hand if you have a mini fruit tree.  Nevertheless you will need a large pot measuring 60 x 60 cm.  If you have enough space on your balcony, you could two place two apple trees beside one another of either gala, fuji or honeycrisp varieties so that they can pollinate between each other.  When it comes to pears, be careful of frosts especially late frosts and think about covering the branches.


4) Cherry tomatoes:  Small but lots of concentrated flavour!

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Summer vegetables and balconies don’t always go together however you can grow cherry tomatoes in pots.  Preparing the pot’s soil does require special care. For a perfect and plentiful crop, you should fill the pot a third full with a special garden soil and add a quarter of river sand and finish with a touch of compost. Tomato plants needs fresh and watered earth, but don’t like to be over watered. Consider the using a stake to prop up the plant as it grows.

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