Garlic: 4 easy peeling methods

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Peeling garlic is easy but when you need to peel lots of garlic your work surface can soon turn into battlefield.  There is skin everywhere (especially on you, otherwise that wouldn’t be funny) and it sticks to everything! The smallest cloves are often the most difficult to peel.  Here are some simple methods to speed up the process.  Try out these techniques and choose which one you think is the best! 

1) Microwave method- involves no effort at all!

The steps :

1) Put your garlic head into the microwave for 20 seconds.

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2) Remove the garlic from the microwave being careful not to burn yourself (ah yes, it is hot!).

3) Put a little pressure on the garlic clove and skin will come off on its own!

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2) Knife technique : quick results with a little wrist action!

The steps:

1) Place the point of the knife on the garlic clove

2) Apply a little pressure to break the skin

3) Remove the clove from the skin.

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3) With a jar and a few shakes

The steps:

1) Place your garlic head inside the jar.

2) Close the lid.

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3) Shake energetically for several seconds.

4) With the help of the clear jar, check to see if the cloves have been peeled.  If need be, shake for a bit longer for the best results!

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4) With water: The longest of the four techniques but also the cleanest

The steps :

1) Place your garlic clove into a bowl of hot water for several minutes.

2) Start to peel.

3) If this doesn’t work straight away, leave the garlic to soak in the water for a bit! With this techniques you wont have sticky hands.

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