Gentle balm for soothing redness on your baby’s skin

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Babies’ skin is as sensitive as it is soft. This incredible sensitivity often manifests as redness, and irritation or eczema can quickly appear on their delicate skin. It is at such times that we turn to calendula! This plant is very well known in phytotherapy for its ultra-soothing properties. It also promotes skin healing and can relieve and even get rid of inflammation. Therefore, today we are proposing this balm, which will effectively soothe redness. 

In order to soothe your baby’s bottom, you can also combine this balm with a lime water ointment or a simple 2 ingredient nappy cream, which will be less irritating. These little changes should effectively soothe the skin.

What you need:

  • 200 mls of calendula oil or calendula macerated oil
  • 4 g of bees wax
  • 2 drops of vitamin E
  • an airtight container


1) Gently melt the bees wax in a bain-marie.

2) Once it is well melted, you can add the calendula oil.

3) Stir until it becomes light coloured and translucent.

4) Once it reaches this ideal state, you can pour it into a small jar and leave it to cool.

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