How to gently wash your kids cuddle toys

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It is not easy trying to find the opportunity to wash your childs favourite cuddly toy or comforter. They have it with them everywhere, being dragged on the floor, taken on adventures and held against runny noses! Children don’t like it when their comforters are washed, as they no longer smell the same, but they need to be washed from time to time to remove any stains and germs. To prevent any sad reactions here is how to clean their teddies: 

The ideal solution to retain the softness of the cuddly toy is to wash it by hand on a low temperature. If you don’t have the time to handwash, use a kind setting on your washing machine and place the toy in a pillow case. This will preserve the soft exterior of their toy.

At least this way they might complain that the smell isn’t the same but at least it is still nice and soft!