How to get rid of mould on your clothes

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Beware of the nature of your clothes, the solution won’t be the same for each textile!

Cotton, denim or linen:

You’ll need ammonia.

1) Dilute ammonia in water and dive your fabric in it.

2) Rub the stain.

3) Put your clothes in the washing machine.


You’ll need soap and milk.

1) Dive your clothes into a mixture of milk and water and let it for about 10 minutes.

2) Then dive it into soap suds

3) Rinse.


You’ll need ammonia and water.

1) Pour both ammonia and water in a basin and stir.

2) Dive your clothes into it.

3) Let it for 10 minutes.

Silk, Satin or Velvet

You’ll only need milk and water.

1) Mix both milk and water.

2) Dive your fabric in this mixture and let it for 10 minutes.

3) Rinse.

Fur or faux fur.

You’ll need 28% ammonia.

1 – Soak a rag with ammonia.

2 – Rub the stain.

3 – Use a wet cloth to get rid of the residues.