Grandmothers tips against stretch marks

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Skin which is stretched exceeds its elasticity limits, cracks and deep collagen fibres break: that is what we call a stretch mark. White, red or purple they are detested by girls. Simple and inexpensive, here is a cheap  exfoliator which will help to get rid of them! 

You will need:

– orange essential oil

– butter

What to do?

1/ Melt 10 gr of butter and pour it into a ramekin.

2/ Add 2 drops of orange essential oil and 10gr of liquid honey into the preparation.

3/ Mix it all with the help of a spoon in order to obtain a homogenous paste.

4/ Apply it onto the parts where the stretch marks are present. Massage it in a circular manner in order to allow the treatment to penetrate deeply.

5/ Rince it abundantly

6/ Repeat this every day for a visible result!

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