Home made product to clean, revive and care for leather

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Leather is really beautiful, but we must admit that it quickly loses its lustre when it becomes dirty or damaged. And unfortunately it takes very little for this stunning material to give our accessories a shabby, neglected appearance (handbags, shoes, belts, etc.), making them look older than they really are. But fortunately, there are tips and techniques for reviving leather and giving it a well deserved new lease of life. This is what we have in store for you today, with this easy to make but effective mixture. 

What you need:

  • 60 mls of olive oil
  • 60 mls of vinegar
  • 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice
  • A toothbrush
  • A soft cloth


1) Pour the olive oil into a container.

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2) Next add the vinegar.

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3) Finally add the drops of essential oil and mix well.

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4) Soak a toothbrush in this product and work it well into the leather.

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5) Next wipe the leather with a cloth to remove any excess product. Leave it to dry and admire your handiwork – it’s almost as good as new!

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