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Homemade balm to reduce stretchmarks for pregnant women

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Pregnant women are often considered beautiful and radiant.  However when women start to see stretchmarks appearing as their skin’s elasticity is put to the test,  they can begin to feel the exact opposite.  Our skin can wrinkle easily especially around the stomach and our breasts.  It is not always easy to know what we can do or apply onto our skin to prevent stretchmarks.  This tender balm which soaks into your skin leaving it oily is all that you need! Read on to find our how to make this homemade balm to reduce stretchmarks. 

What you need:

  • 10 g of shea butter
  • 10 g of kokum butter
  • 5 g of coconut oil
  • 11 ml of rose musk oil
  • 10 ml of borage oil
  • 1.5 ml of Hydranol végétal (This is a natural substitute to Vaseline or Lanolin)
  • 4 drops of vitamin E
  • An empty airtight container.  Cleaned and sterilised before using (same goes for the other utensils you are going to use)
  • Recommended: thermometer

The steps:

1) Put the butters, oils and hydranol into a bowl.  Heat up the mixture using a bain-marie so the mixture begins to melt and mix together.  Make sure the mixture does not exceed 70°C during this step.

2) Remove from the hob.  When the mixture has cooled to 60°C add the vitamin E then mix together carefully.

3) At around 50°C pour the mixture into an empty pot then put into the fridge.

4) Use the balm morning and night.  It is particularly nice to use after taking a shower when the skin is still warm as the balm will melt into the skin.  Softly massage your skin on the areas where there is a risk that stretchmarks might appear: such as the stomach, breasts, bottom and thighs.

A piece of advice… stick a label on the pot with the name of the balm and the preparation date. This product only keeps for three months.

balm to reduce stretchmarks
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An alternative recipe:

Follow the same steps as before this time mixing 24 g of Organic Shea butter, 3.5 g of Coconut oil, 11 ml of organic Argan oil, 10 ml of Rose musk oil, 1.5 ml of Hydranol végétal (Natural substitute to Vaseline or Lanolin) and 4 drops of vitamin E.

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