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How to clean make up brushes: a simple DIY tip!

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Cleaning make up brushes is often something we forget about but it can have a bad effect on our skin.  Make up brushes soak in foundation oils, dust and bacteria… in fact eye brushes that go unwashed can even cause eye problems! 

Certain brands have created special tools to more effectively clean make up brushes by scraping and loosening dirty material from the hairs. However it is so simple to make your own DIY cleaning board that you don’t need to buy one!

What you need:

  • A simple tray
  • Glue gel or a glue gun

The video:

The Steps:

1)   Carefully clean your tray.

2)  Using the glue draw designs onto your tray.

Feel free to try out different patterns for the best cleaning results.  You can make dots, waves, lines…  These designs will create a rough surface which your make up brush can rub against removing any leftover makeup.

Video screenshot
Video screenshot
Video Screenshot

3) Leave the glue to dry. Once dried your cleaning tray will now be ready to use!

How to use it?

You don’t need brush cleaner! All you need is a little Marseille soap,  Castile soap or even washing up liquid.  All will do a good job.  Pour some of soap on to the tray or soak a little into your brush then rub the brush around the different patterns you have created.

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