How to wash your dog ?

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After two months,a puppy loses his puppy fleece in order to obtain a beautiful coat. You can therefore start to wash it. Here are several practical tips to wash your dog well :

  • One must never use human shampoo because it is too acidic for the alkaline skin of your dog. Numerous products exist which are  especially destined for dogs in shops.  Choose that which best suits your animal in terms of the length of his coat.
  • If your dog has long fur, brush it before it’s bath.
  • Protect the dog’s eyes and ears whilst you shampoo it’s hair.
  • Have towels on hand near your basin or your bath and wash your child well after washing it.

Don’t wash your dog too often and rather wait every two months between the two shampooings. Make it a habit to comb your dog regularly.

– Illustration : animalsantebienetre