Hungover? Try these 5 tips using essential oils

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We don’t have to be in the festive period in order to end up with a hangover from time to time! In fact, all it takes is to let yourself go a little too much on a work night out or at a going away party, for alcohol’s cruel effects to make themselves known the following day. Of course, the ideal would be not to drink at all, but if you do overdo it from time to time, be aware that there are a few essential oils that can help you to feel better. These are in fact great for looking after the home or for our health in general, but they work just as well for a queasy tummy or a headache the morning after the night before. 

Have a quick glance as well at our article containing 8 great tips to get over a hangover. These essential recommendations could come in very handy!

1) For headaches

When your body is trying to eliminate alcohol, it produces a toxic substance. It is the release of these toxins that causes nausea and bad headaches. The best essential oil for headaches is peppermint. Put two drops on a sugar cube or onto a clean compress. You can do the same with mandarin essential oil, which is unparalleled for getting rid of a hangover. Consider also taking a drop of peppermint essential oil and massaging it into your temples. If you wish, you can also put it into a diffuser for a maximum of 20 minutes, or put it on some cotton wool from which you inhale, in order to relieve nausea.

Peppermint essential oil is equally good for improving digestion. Take it diluted in a teaspoon of olive oil.

2) For bloating

You can ease bloating by diluting two drops of basil essential oil in a tablespoon of the vegetable oil of your choice. Massage it in using circular movements. You can also take a mixture of olive oil and basil essential oil and dissolve it under your tongue.

3) Do you suffer from flatulence?

Get yourself a clean, empty 30 ml flask, and add 30 drops of laurel noble essential oil and 30 drops of caraway essential oil. Fill the rest of the flask with macadamia oil. This produces an effective mixture that you can massage into your abdomen, in a clockwise motion. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day, using a small amount of the product – there is no good in using too much.

4) For better digestion

Alcohol doesn’t do much for your digestion. The digestive system is none too pleased to be disrupted, and drinking too much can lead to slow digestion, constipation and pain. You can locally apply the following mixture in a clockwise motion, 2 to 3 times a day: pour 30 drops of each of the following essential oils into a 30 ml flask: ginger, mint and basil. Fill the rest of the flask up with macadamia oil.

5) To look after your liver

When we overdo it on a night out, the liver is overloaded, and has to manage your excesses as best it can. Eliminating harmful substances from the body therefore becomes very important. This is helped along by using two drops of lemon zest or rosemary verbenone essential oil, putting them on a sugar cube or into a spoonful of honey or olive oil.

You can complement this treatment with fennel tea, aniseed tea or peppermint extracts to help support your liver. If you have some bicarbonate of soda, you can dilute a half a teaspoon of it in a glass of water, and drink it very slowly.

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