With just one ingredient, say goodbye to frying odours and splatters

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Any time we are required to fry something, our stress levels rise! In fact, it’s a great way to cook food, especially if you want to make it nice and crispy. But this well known cooking technique has plenty of inconveniences. The worst is without a doubt the smell that it leaves in the kitchen (if not throughout the entire house). This odour can also impregnate your clothes and even your hair. And as all things tend to happen in threes, sometimes we don’t regulate the temperature properly and end up burning ourselves with splatters of boiling oil. However, we can put an end to all that for once and for all with this one simple technique. 

What you need:

  • A branch of fresh parsley


1) Heat the oil you need for cooking.

2) Add the fresh parsley.

3) Fry your food as normal.

This technique will minimise odours and prevent splatters.