Keep home made biscuits fresh with these 5 tips

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Have you baked some delicious home made biscuits that you want to enjoy and keep fresh for as long as possible? Whether they are crunchy or chewy biscuits, we have all the tips you need to best preserve them. These tips also work for biscuits or cakes that come from a packet, because once the packet is open, it can be difficult to preserve the original taste and flavour. 

The golden rule

After taking them out of the oven, you should always wait until the biscuits have cooled down fully before putting them in a storage container. Warm biscuits will release humidity, which can change the texture of your biscuits. In order to best dry them out, you should place them directly from the oven onto a raised grill.

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Storing dry biscuits

Use a metal, non-airtight container to store your crunchy biscuits! And if you have a lot of biscuits, put a sheet of baking paper or absorbent paper in between each layer. Also add two sugar cubes! These will absorb any traces of humidity.

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Storing soft biscuits

To keep your biscuits tender and soft, use a plastic airtight container, making sure that the container is well sealed. Store them in the fridge to keep them for even longer.

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Reviving biscuits that have gone soft

Give your biscuits back their crunch by adding some breadcrumbs to the metal box, and close it. The breadcrumbs will absorb the humidity and make your soft biscuits nice and crunchy again.

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Revive soft biscuits that have gone hard

Have the biscuits that were supposed to be soft suddenly gone hard? Add a slice of apple to your plastic container and reseal it. It will release a little humidity and prevent cakes and biscuits from drying out, and it will make them more tender if they have already become hard.

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