Life hacks using butter in 10 original ways

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Butter is a cooking and baking staple. However, this highly practical food can also be used in domains other than gastronomy! Here are 10 life hacks using butter in ways that might surprise you!

1/ Stop a door from creaking

Butter can be used as a substitute for oil for creaking doors. Rub some butter to the door hinges, and say goodbye to annoying noises!

2/ Remove a ring that is stuck on your finger

If by some stroke of bad luck you have gotten a ring stuck on your finger, spread some butter onto the ring. It should come off gently and easily.

3/ Shine up leather

Leather accessories, such as shoes, belts, handbags, etc., can be treated with butter. Rub some butter to the leather object and polish it up to shine it, nourishing the leather at the same time.

4/ Remove fish odours

When you prepare fish, the odour can stay on your hands for several days. If you rub your hands with butter and then rinse them with soap and water, the odour will completely disappear.

5/ Preserve food

This tip works mainly with cheese and with onions. Spread a fine layer of butter over your foods and store them in the fridge. This technique prevents the premature appearance of mould and prolongs the lifespan of your foods.

6/ Remove glue from your hands

If you have gotten glue, wax or sap on your skin, butter can help you remove the sticky substance. Rub a piece of butter to your skin and rinse with soap and water.

7/ Remove chewing gum from your hair

Similar to with glue, butter can remove sticky substances such as chewing gum from the scalp and hair. A pea sized amount of butter should help remove any sticky substances from your hair.

8/ Use it as a hair mask

Butter can work as a hydrating hair mask. Apply butter like you would a classic hydrating mask, leave it to work and rinse it out after 20 minutes. This type of mask can also be used in small quantities for the face and the body, in the case of dehydration.

9/ Make butter sculptures

As with bananas, butter can also be used in the field of art! Many artists create patterns in butter.

10/ Help pills go down more easily

Rub your tablets with butter to make them easier to swallow.

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