Lose weight with these 5 plants!

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Are you thinking of starting a diet? Or have you been trying your utmost, but can’t seem to manage to get the pounds off, despite eating healthily? Discover these 5 plants that will help you quickly burn fat and lose weight, when taken along with a balanced diet and adequate physical exercise. 

1/ Dandelion

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Dandelion is a great plant for helping digest fat, but also for regulating the body’s blood sugar levels, due to its diuretic properties.

2/ Green tea

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Green tea is reputed for its diuretic properties, which help accelerate slimming. The caffeine in green tea stimulates the organism to burn fats, particularly from the fat “reserves”, which are the ones that increase body weight.

3/ Maté

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Maté is a South American plant. It is mainly consumed as an infusion made from its leaves. Its high caffeine content helps with rapidly burning lipids, fats and sugars.

4/ Guarana

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Like maté, guarana comes from South America, and is also very rich in caffeine. It stimulates the production of catecholamines (hormones), notably adrenaline. The secretion of these hormones accelerates the process of elimination of fats from the body.

5/ Meadowsweet

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This plant can help you rapidly lose weight, and reduces cellulite, among other fats. Its rich composition in potassium salts eliminates water and fats.

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