A magic cleaner for a gleaming wood floor

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Cleaning a wooden floor is relatively easy, but polishing it up so that it shines is quite another matter! This beautiful addition to a home in fact requires special treatment in order to stay in top condition, but that is no reason to resort to chemical products (especially when we see that the shine is obtained at the price of a sticky surface that is irritating to walk on). To take proper care of your wooden floors, here is an effective and easy to make cleaner, that will keep your floors beautiful without any waxy residue. 

What you need:

  • 125 mls of vinegar
  • 1 dessertspoon of Castille soap
  • 65 mls of 70% acohol
  • 500 mls of hot water
  • Optional: an essential oil of your choice
  • A clean, empty spray container


1) Pour all of the ingredients except the water into your flask.

2) Add a few drops of the essential oil to obtain a pleasant odour. 10 to 15 drops should be plenty.

3) Next pour the water gradually into the flask.

4) Mix it all with care, and you’re ready to go!

In order to use it, simply spray a little of the mixture to the wood and give it a rub of a mop, following the grain of the wood. If you need to treat a large area, you can also make the mixture in a bucket and soak your mop in it.